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Our Little Story


  • Fast ServiceWith an eye on performance, to fulfill all of our customer needs, we set up high-quality support systems to ensure fast and problem-solving answers in a short amount of time.
  • Expert StaffOur complete sourcing & sales team is located in-house in our HQ in Germany and is engaged with experts in the e-commerce branch.
  • European SellerOur multi-national staff are bringing products to their country of origin. We consider ourselves as multi-lingual, multi-cultural – European company.

Who are we?

Deuba sparks innovation that moves our customers and branch forward – by actively engaging in innovative new brands tailored to the customer’s needs.

We are one company based in Saarland – a little state that borders France and Luxemburg which also went from a coal state to one of the most important and high-qualified tech business states in Germany. Big Things always arise in the small.

Deuba GmbH & Co. KG counts to the leading European sellers, we produce, import and distribute our products worldwide. Besides that we have our own dedicated teams to solve everything in-house, it doesn’t matter what – sourcing, graphics, pics, descriptions, deals, support right up to our own legal department.




Our History


Innovation from the beginning – as the son of a local butcher Jörg Deutschbauer was one of the first people who began to sell gourmet food through the company named „Deuba e.K.“ & „Feinkost-Fachhandel“ online.

2005 – 2010

The business grew and a lot of customers were happy that they could buy premium gourmet food by daily eBay auctions through the internet. As the customer reach expanded – Deuba decided to offer new additional and useful products on eBay.

2010 – 2016

The distribution channels have become different, the internet cosmos began to expand and it was time to adapt to it. Besides the eBay auctions – we began to expand to different distribution platforms like Amazon and build our own online-shop to ensure our independence.

2016 – Now

As we went with the time and began to grow up together with the internet – we got more and more customers. Today we can say we are one of the 100 biggest sellers on the world’s largest distribution channels, with yearly more than 3.000.000 customers. Our future goals are simple – providing the best for our company, staff, the environment, and our customers.

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