The best in online-retailing

With more than 6.000.000 customers per year one of the biggest marketplace-sellers.

Deuba GmbH & Co. KG

Deuba offers a Global Sourcing Network – with its own warehousing, dedicated teams staffed with the top of the branch, direct access to high-quality distribution partners around the world with already more than 17 years of experience.

Fast Service

With an eye on performance, to fulfill all of our customer needs, we set up high-quality support systems to ensure fast and problem-solving answers in a short amount of time.

Expert Staff

Our complete sourcing & sales team is located in-house in our HQ in Germany and is engaged with experts in the e-commerce branch.

European Seller

Our multi-national staff are bringing products to their country of origin. We consider ourselves as multi-lingual, multi-cultural – European company.


Own warehousing facilitys

More than 250.000m² storage space divided into 6 big german warehouses which are subdivided in 10 depots – plus additional oversea storage space for premature stock-keeping.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Different

  • We are passionate about customers
  • We are energetic and eager
  • We are performance driven
  • We are successful

We are passionate about customers

A healthy company only works with happy customers, so we give our best to satisfy all our customer’s needs from the first purchase.

We are energetic and eager

Always source new products, create new customer-tailored brands, and create new concepts of e-commerce to bring innovation to the front.

We are performance driven

We notch up our sales performance at least at 20% per year – to shape our company in the future markets and get the best figures.

We are successful

The figures speak for themselves – with 7 registered trademarks, 200 staff, 250.000m² storage space and more than 6.000.000 customers per year – we are counting to the top 100 marketplace sellers on the world.

Know us more

More About Us

Deuba sparks innovation that moves our customers and branch forward – by actively engaging in innovative new brands tailored to the customer’s needs.